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EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch 26

Driver update in Graphics Cards. Operating system support: Windows XP/Vista/7.

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More about this driver

Announcing the EVGA SLI Enhancement! This unofficial patch enables SLI support in the latest games. In order to quickly enhance SLI Profile issues that come up with any new demo or game release; EVGA has decided to publicly release this update to patch add any SLI profiles so you can take full advantage of SLI right now!


* How does this enhancement work?
o New games/demos are released all the time, and often times they need an SLI profile in order for SLI to work, the goal is to create a 1 day turnaround time from new demo release, to SLI enhancement so you can be gaming in SLI as soon as possible.
* Do I need this enhancement if I do not play the above games?
o No, you only need this enhancement if you run SLI, and are playing one of the above games.
* I have a single dual GPU card (7950GX2, 9800GX2, GTX 295) should I use this enhancement?
o Yes, this enhancement will benefit dual GPU cards as well.
* I have created custom SLI profiles, will this enhancement remove them?
o This enhancement will reset all the profiles, so it is recommended to either not use this enhancement, or re-create any custom SLI profiles after this has enhancement has been installed.
* Do I still need this enhancement when a new driver is released?
o Often times a new driver can add the profiles needed, this page will be updated when this is done, or if any new games need an SLI profile.
* What drivers do I need to install to use this enhancement?
o Although it is possible that this enhancement may work with older drivers, it has not been tested, thus is only recommended to use with the above driver.
* How do I remove this enhancement?
o If for whatever reason you need to remove this enhancement, please uninstall your display drivers from Add/Remove programs, then reinstall.
* If I apply this enhancement are the drivers still WHQL certified?
o No, if this enhancement is applied, the drivers are no longer WHQL certified.

What's New:

New SLI profiles from EVGA SLI Enhancement Patch:

* Enables SLI support for Supreme Commander 2 Demo Learn more.

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