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AMD Catalyst Omega Driver 14.12

The AMD Catalyst Omega driver brings a number of new features and enhancements to a wide range of AMD GPU and APU products. There are also important performance boosts for many popular games.

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More about this driver

The Catalyst Omega driver boasts some serious performance improvements in many hardware configurations due to a more efficient design. AMD states that you can expect up to 19% more performance than the previous driver (Catalyst 14.11.2) when running games on high-end graphics cards, and up to 29% more performance on APU-based systems. Here is a list for the new features the Catalyst Omega drivers offer.

Virtual Super Resolution (VSR)

This technology allows a user to improve visual quality in games and other content by rendering at a very high resolution (up to 4K) and then displaying that content at a lower resolution supported by the available monitor. VSR is game- and engine-agnostic solution. When this feature is enabled, Virtual Super Resolutions beyond the native resolution of the display device will be available in a wide variety of games and applications, including the Windows desktop. Effectively, VSR provides a Super Sampling Anti-Aliasing (SSAA) feature for the games and applications that do not natively support that functionality. Learn more.

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