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Intel Processor Identification Utility 6.1.0731

The Intel Processor Identification Utility allows you to identify the brand, features, package, intended & actual frequencies of your Intel microprocessor.

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More about this driver

  • The Frequency Test section of the utility provides information regarding the operating status of the selected processor.
  • The CPU Technologies section of the utility displays the Intel processor technologies and features present in the selected processor.
  • The CPUID Data section of the utility identifies the Intel processor(s) in the system.
  • The Save feature enables the processor information to be saved into a text file.
  • The Web Update feature enables updating to the latest version of the Intel Processor Identification Utility. The Intel Processor Identification Utility is not intended to identify microprocessors manufactured by companies other than Intel.

The Frequency Test section of the Intel Processor Identification Utility runs a frequency determination algorithm (speed test) to determine at what internal speed the processor is running. The utility then examines internal data in the processor and makes a comparison between this data and the operating frequency it measured. The utility then informs the user of the overall system status as a result of this comparison. Learn more.

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