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ECS 945GZT-M(V1.0) Bios 07/11/07

Driver update in System Updates. Operating system support: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP.

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What's new:
  • Patch CPU Temperature show error (-128) when ITE superI/O value init failure
  • Update CPU uCode to fix Vista blue screen issue with Intel Conroe CPU
  • Add Cpu uCode.(for Conroe-L 440/430 10661)
  • Fix Onboard VGA controller disabled fail
  • Modify Onboard IDE controller & Onboard SATA controller function
  • Fix Quick Power on Self Test disable Function
  • Patch floppy device still exist in Vista when no floppy device plug in
  • Fixed power button when at cmos fail issue -Modify CPU function(C1E、EIST)
  • Add ITE Super I/O solution
  • Fixed Display Thermal issue
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