Dishonored -> Guild Wars 2


While we haven't heard much about Dishonored until now, it looks like it could be one of the year's best for stealth fans. Corvo, the main character, is a former guard framed for murdering the Empress and he's seeking revenge against Lord Regent, who was behind the set up. Corvo has an array of blades, firearms and supernatural powers at his disposal, including the ability to stop time and possess small animals. However, players are encouraged to use stealth tactics and every enemy in the game can be dispatched non-lethally.

Dota 2

This is shaping up to be one of Valve's most launch-heavy years in recent memory. For those unfamiliar with the title, Defense of the Ancients was first released in 2003 as a Warcraft III mod. As the story goes, several Valve veterans enjoyed playing the game, which led to the hiring of its creator, IceFrog, who is now heading Dota 2's development team. The sequel is expected to ship with 105 heroes (three less than the original), two factions (the Radiant and the Dire) and it will feature the same top-down, team-based battle arenas.

Far Cry 3

Although it's being developed by the same studio and with the same engine as Far Cry 2, the third game returns the series to an tropical island. Instead of mutated militants, this landmass is crawling with crazies. Players will control stranded protagonist Jason Brody as he searches for his girlfriend and tries to escape the madness. As fate would have it, Brody is experienced in combat and survivalism, so he's a perfect fit for the task that lies ahead and, if nothing else, he'll learn a new appreciation for the definition of insanity along the way.

Grand Theft Auto V

With so many Grand Theft Auto games published over the last 15 years, there's no secret about what GTA V will bring to the table: a sprawling, degenerate-packed metropolis. Your role, of course, will be to rise up through a criminal underworld, line your pocket with blood money, save your loved ones from maniacal villains and struggle with your conscience as you commit heinous acts – or some combination thereof. GTA V will be set in a fictional Los Angeles called Los Santos, but few hard details are available beyond that.

Guild Wars 2

Set 250 years after the original, Guild Wars 2 takes place in a world devastated by the resurfacing of ancient dragons. True to its roots, the sequel will deliver a sandbox style, subscription-free MMORPG experience, in a persistent world where your actions play a ripple effect on the storyline. It's being developed by ArenaNet with a modified proprietary engine that includes real-time 3D environments as well as enhanced graphics and animations. You'll be able to explore the universe as one of five races and eight professions, engage in large scale "world PvP" and level your character up to 80 (increased from 20).