MechWarrior Online -> Prototype 2

MechWarrior Online

Originally announced as a multi-platform reboot in 2009, MechWarrior's development was curbed amidst licensing quarrels. It remained on the backburner until Piranha Games finished its work on Duke Nukem Forever and the project was reintroduced in October 2011 as a free-to-play PC-exclusive. The title is set in the year 3049, but time advances concurrently with the real. It's being built with CryEngine 3 and will improve upon previous games by using urban environments to address excessive circle-strafing and sniping.

Metro: Last Light

Set in 2034, Metro: Last Light returns players to the post-apocalyptic station-cities of a dilapidated Moscow railway. The story follows the ending of Metro 2033 as the main character, Artyom, seeks a mysterious prisoner who is the key to humanity's survival. Unlike Metro: 2033, Last Light isn't based one of Dimitri Glukhovski's books, though the author is assisting 4A Games. Little is known about the gameplay, but the developer has promised better AI, more situational options, improved stealth and a multiplayer component.

Microsoft Flight

Planned as a free-to-play offshoot of the company's popular Flight Simulator franchise, Microsoft Flight will allow aspiring aviators to cruise the virtual skies of Hawaii. Folks who tire of the island's stunning vistas will be able to purchase additional maps along with new aircraft and other downloadable content. With flight sims being a niche genre, Microsoft hopes the FTP model will encourage new players to try the game, though the company also plans to accommodate veterans of the sky with adjustable controls to scale the difficulty.

Prey 2

After crashing on an alien vessel known as the Sphere, US Marshal Killian Samuels is abducted and becomes a bounty hunter – somewhat of a role reversal from the original, in which the main character Tommy was the prey. Accompanying the new perspective, Prey 2 will feature drastically different gameplay. You'll be able to traverse an open world with parkour-like mechanics, perform most missions in your desired playstyle (stealth etc.), as well as make decisions that have immediate consequences and affect your reputation.

Prototype 2

Set 14 months after 2009's Prototype, James Heller serves as the new protagonist as he seeks revenge against Alex Mercer, the original main character. Mercer infected Heller with the Blacklight Virus, which has spread throughout New York City, taking the lives of Heller's family. Along with shapeshifting, players can expect improved strength, movement, invulnerability as well as a sonar sense to find objects or people. You'll also be able to string enemies into webs like Spider-Man, turn them into an infected "BioBomb" and more.