If you are using either a low screen resolution or something above 1024x768, then you probably can notice something different about our design layout. I recently came back from a trip to the US and took a brand new Sony LCD monitor with me, which got my default screen resolution up to 1280x1024...

Right before the site was set to stretch according to user's screen resolution, which is good in a way but going up to 1280s and 1600s, the site doesn't look quite as good so I thought I may try setting a fixed width to 1024x768 which should also be enough for the rest of readers. A lot of sites do this kind of thing with the difference that most optimize width for 800x600 users but in our case, with most readers being PC Enthusiasts, we are confident that setting it higher won't hurt much if at all.
In any case, the change has its pros and cons and I would like to hear your opinion whether you prefer one setting or the other, then decide which way to go.

On another subject, we recently posted a new poll asking about your favourite Instant Messaging client... I go with Trillian, what about you? (see at the right side of your screen for options).

Here are last poll's results:
Your PC speakers setup

5.1 system
35% - 175 votes

2.1 system
22% - 109 votes

4.1 system
21% - 105 votes

2 Speakers system
14% - 73 votes

6+ channels system
6% - 31 votes

No Speakers
3% - 13 votes

Total votes: 506