Spyware and Adware have become a big headache to PC users, I'd even dare to say more than viruses/worms in many cases because of its nature and distribution medium. When was the last time some of you, aware/experienced users, used someone else's computer... you'll often find other people asking why those pop-ups keep coming and where did they come from...

Spyware and adware problems became the largest single customer service complaint late last year, Dell attorney Maureen Cushman told the FTC workshop. It's become "a huge technical support issue for us," Cushman said, resulting in "slow performance, inability to access the Internet, extra icons and pop-up ads. This damages our brand and, most importantly, impairs the customer experience."

This week the Federal Trade Commission organized a one-day workshop dedicated to resolve laws targeting spyware however no inmediate solutions were drawn, not even close. CNet has posted a detailed report on the meeting.

McAfee Security manager Bryson Gordon, whose company sells the McAfee AntiSpyware utility, says his company detected fewer than 2 million adware or spyware products in August 2003. By March 2004, the total number had zoomed to just more than 14 million. It's become "a larger technical support problem than viruses," Gordon said.