Hitachi this week announced a series of desktops with Intel Pentium M and Intel Celeron M processors inside. Both chips were originally developed for notebooks and feature plethora of power-saving capabilities. Operating at clock-speeds from 1.00GHz to 1.70GHz, the processors offer performance comparable with mainstream Intel Pentium 4 chips that require more powerful fans and consume more energy.

Hitachi’s HF-W2000 and HF-W6500 slim PCs available initially only in Japan will not only feature rather unusual microprocessors for desktops, but will also offer ISA-slots for totally outdated add-in cards. Performance of the Hitachi’s innovative personal computers is not expected to be really high, as they feature Intel’s integrated graphics and single-channel DDR SDRAM memory-supporting core-logic. Such PCs are typically used in office, where low heat dissipation of Pentium M and Celeron M may play an important role.

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