A new frontpage poll just went up yesterday, this time around we are asking how much email do you reject or filter out because it's spam? In my case it's a pretty heavy percentage, I do get a lot of important mail because of my work with TechSpot however because of this same reason I must keep a public email address... to make a long story short, there's no time in the day that I hit my inbox and have at least a few pieces of junk mail delivered (I'd say a couple hundred per day if not more). Thank god I use popfile!

As for previous poll results, now you can see why we like call ourselves a PC Enthusiast site:

My graphics card budget is (or generally is)...

$100 - $200 = 35% - 159 votes
$200 - $300 = 31% - 142 votes
$300 - $400 = 14% - 64 votes
Over $400 = 12% - 56 votes
Less than $100 = 7% - 33 votes

Total votes: 454