Along with Grantsdale's rich feature set that we have talked about over the last days, it will also come a long-needed update to Intel's integrated graphics. Although nothing as sophisticated as in ATI's and NVIDIA's latest chips is to be expected, Intel will be packing more mainstream/high-end features in the Graphics Media Accelerator 900, DirectX 9.0 feature-set, dual display and HDTV support has been promised which would make for a very interesting offer in the low-end sector using all-integrated motherboards.

The GMA900 graphics packs 4 pixel pipelines and works at 333MHz, bringing one of the fastest integrated graphics cores ever available. Besides, the Graphics Media Accelerator 900 supports DirectX 9 capabilities – hardware pixel shaders 2.0 and software vertex shaders 2.0 – in addition to OpenGL 1.4 feature-set.