Whilst researching some links for my next generation PC thread, I came across The Microsoft .NET Show.

"The .NET Show keeps you up to date on the cutting-edge technologies that can make a difference in your Windows and Web applications. We've designed the .NET Show to include a balanced blend of technology, education, and coding examples, as well as a little light-hearted entertainment. Each episode focuses on an individual technology and provides you the background you need, from high-level issues to ground-level coding, to take advantage of that technology."

Its a great place for developers, technicians, system administrators, hackers, tinkerers and anyone else interested in what's happening in the world of Longhorn, .Net and other future Microsoft products. You will, of course, require a broadband connection to download the programs.

Topics I've already seen under interesting discussion were MSH (the new "Microsoft Shell"), Avalon (the longhorn graphics subsystem), WinFS and much more! Listen to the lead developers of these technologies explain what they will do and how they can make our computing experience better.