"Far Cry patch 1.2 has shown unexpected behaviour on specific hardware configurations. These matters are mainly due to incompatibilities with several optimisations brought lately to the code, with the intent to please a large number of users. We're currently asking CRYTEK to work on delivering a new patch as soon as possible. Until then we have decided to remove the patch 1.2 from the official UbiSoft websites."

That was Ubi's official statement this morning after a huge number of users started to have problem with the newly released patch. I heard there was a problem with ATI boards however the game ran pretty well for me (9800 Pro) with the patch installed, multiplayer still is buggy though... not to mention Ubi's forums had been down for the last few days.

It's not all bad news for CryTek though, this morning they announced a new strategic partnership with publishing giant Electronic Arts to develop and publish a new game franchise.