Two Oxford students are in a bit of hot water tonight, after they admitted to gaining unauthorized access to the university's IT network. The terrible two, Patrick Foster, 20, and Roger Waite, 21, offered up the sorry tale that they had been trying to expose security flaws in the academic network. But, after a disciplinary hearing into the matter on Friday, it was decreed that the two students should be suspended following their actions, Foster until May 2005 and Waite until January 2005. Of course, the two twits got caught when they went around telling people; everything came to light in May, when they wrote an article for The Oxford Student, a university newspaper, detailing their activities. No wonder those silly boys were caught. Let this be a lesson to you: if you hack, at least don't brag. Have the sense not to go around actually telling people.

What is most interesting is that they seemed to be able to accomplish everything by using bits and pieces that they found on Google.

"They warned that using tools found through Google they had managed to view live CCTV footage, access information about the computer use of individual students and see their e-mail passwords."