"Novell is focusing its enterprise desktop efforts on Linux deployments where users can gain the most benefit." - Jack Messman, Novell's chairman and CEO.

The end of this week will see the release of Novell Inc.'s new Linux desktop for enterprise customers, which has been dubbed Novell Linux Desktop 9. Based on SuSE Linux, the desktop will be available for purchase through Novell channel partners, and should cost $50 per system. Novell believes that the Linux Desktop has three major markets: transaction workers, such as call center operators and service counter personnel; special-purpose roles such as information kiosks and stations for intermittent PC users; and replacements for traditionally high-cost Unix-based technical workstations. The system requires very little juice to power it; its minimum specs are a Pentium II or better running at least 266MHz with 256MB of RAM, 800MB of disk space.