Update: It should be noted (as reported on this article at ExtremeTech) that Soyo USA branch and Soyo Computer at Taiwan are not the same company despite of being loosely affiliated under the Soyo Group heading. Our previous report referred to operations of Soyo Computer in Taiwan.

"The SOYO USA operations remain unchanged, and will continue developing new motherboards, as well as peripherals, consumer electronics, portable storage, networking, and broadband telecommunications products and services designed to meet the needs of all markets – from the end-user to the enterprise."

Previous report:
Mobo maker Soyo, who have been involved in one of those company board of directors shuffle things, have decided to quit the motherboard business, and concentrate solely on development and distribution of computer-related upstream components and plastic materials. The company's name will also change to Hao Teng Technology, and it will focus more on working with China-based companies.

Some of Soyo's former motherboard offerings included the SY-P4VM800 for the Pentium 4, the SY-CK8 DRAGON Plus for the Athlon 64, and the SY-KT880 Dragon 2 v2.0 for the Athlon XP. They had received many recommendations for their motherboards, including a recommendation from CRN for their SOYO KT880 DRAGON2 Motherboard, which CRN described as being "loaded with features".