With the first half of November gone already, we are currently forecasting this is going to be TechSpot's busiest month in the site's history, so if things go as expected we will be hitting the 1 million unique visitor mark in a month, by far our highest traffic record, and we owe it to you, so thanks for the continued support!

As you probably noticed today we have posted a new review on eD's AudioFX force feedback headset. This should be the first of several other articles we have pending to be posted in the remainder of the year.

There's also a new poll up and running this week:

Here's previous poll results:
How much do you spend annually on hardware/upgrades?

  • $150-300 24.2%
  • $300-500 22.0%
  • Over $700 20.5%
  • $500-700 12.8%
  • Less than $150 12.2%
  • None 8.4%

Total Votes: 665

If you have any suggestions for future polls you can send those to my inbox.