Half-Life 2 is go. Repeat. Half-Life 2 is go.

Its been quite a while now since 1998 and Gordon Freeman having to battle all kinds of wonderful monstrosities in HL1. Since then, we've been hungering for the next installment. What happened to Gordon Freeman? has been the question on thousands, perhaps millions of gaming fans for the past six years. And now we have the answer.

"Gordon Freeman is back. The dominating character of the original game released in 1998 also leads through the sequel and meets familiar people including Barney the security guard and the mysterious G-man as well as a new female character, Alyx, whose mother was killed during the events of the original game."

Even a nasty bug involving failure of mandatory online activation didn't stop hoards of users starting up their Half-Life 2 games once a fix was posted on Slacknews by Value. Go here for Slackware's Half-Life 2 Chat Thread.