Always in the courts for something, this time it’s writer and consultant to games makers Roger Avary who is involved in legal action with Microsoft. Avary co-wrote Pulp Fiction with Quentin Tarantino! You have to admit that Pulp Fiction sues Microsoft is kind of comical.

"After centering myself in a Vinyasa class, I filed suit against Microsoft Corporation and ResponDesign Inc." - Roger Avary.

What's all this about then? Well, the list of accusations goes on like a tirade, including breach of implied contract, breach of duty, breach of confidence, misappropriation of trade secrets, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, unfair competition and unjust enrichment. Basically, it all stems from claims that Microsoft used Avery's ideas in a Yoga game for the X-box designed with ResponDesign called Yourself!Fitness. The claims are denied, naturally.