"One of the longest issues dodging LCD monitors is their inability for a low latency, fast pixel response time, which is responsible for the infamous ghosting effect. With a sub-1ms response time for an average CRT monitor, you can see why there has been a slower adoption of LCDs for entertainment purposes, especially for gaming. As 12ms LCD panels have just begun to take over as the performance models, manufacturers have already announced their 8ms lineup. BenQ seems to have beaten the competition to the punch as they debut the world's first 8ms LCD monitor, the BenQ FP71E+ 17-inch TFT LCD."

For those of you who have avoided switching to LCD for fear that it will not live up to your expected picture quality standards of CRT, the answer may be in sight with the BenQ FP71E+ 17-inch 8ms TFT LCD.

The lower response time of 8ms gives this monitor the edge. To the casual eye, the monitor will appear to have none of the noticeable flicker or ghosting in any tasks such as DVD playback, or gaming. Quite simply, it’s the best quality display you can expect from an LCD in its price range. The monitor is given a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, and a seal of approval tantamount to the fact that nothing is currently in its class. A product to look into for sure.