Dell is again trying very hard to break into the PC gaming market, this time with their new XPS Gen4. The system specs are as follows:

-3.46 GHz Pentium 4 EE processor (FSB 1066)
-Two (or more?) GB of DDR2 memory.
-Two 400 GByte SATA drives RAID 0 or 1 configuration
-ATI's X800 XT PCIe graphics card
-19-inch LCD
-Trendy lighting effects on the outside
-BTX architecture

The base package is available for $1700, but note the word "base." Its likely that a high end system containing all the goodies mentioned above would be around $5000, so don't expect to pay $1700 for the above, unless Dell have gone mad, which is doubtfull. Dell offers special 24-hour tech support for its XPS customers. More here.