Based on work from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, security company Determina's SecureCore software aims to prevent programs from executing malicious commands, which helps protect systems against worms and other Internet attacks.

The software is a "memory firewall" if you will. Using emulation and compiler principles to prevent programs from doing things they should not, SecureCore is apparently 100 per cent accurate and does not need any updates or patches in order to remain effective. According to Determina, the software can protect the following, as well as much, much more:

* Network-facing operating system services
* Web servers
* Mail servers
* Database servers

SecureCore is apparently also easy and quick to install - because the memory firewall technology does not rely on signatures or policies to be tuned or trained to the behaviour of each individual system, thousands of agents can be quickly configured in minutes. The company also claims that the software does not cause performance degradation.