Mobile CD and DVD players, IPods, MP3 players and laptops will all be able to benefit from the ProMedia Ultra 2.0 system, a sound system that aims to provide dynamic sound in a portable package. Priced at $100, the ProMedia Ultra 2.0s pack 15 watts of power per channel, and intends to give the user desktop like sound quality on the move.

"Although they're a little unwieldy, the ProMedia Ultra 2.0s sound great. Compared with other portable speakers, the 10-inch-high satellites have superior imaging, crisp and detailed high to midrange response, and surprisingly good bass. They faithfully reproduced the airiness of Jeff Buckley's `Hallelujah` and the detailed sound field on DVDs like `The Fifth Element.`"

There are, of course, some drawbacks. The speakers certainly stretch the term "portable" a little, both in terms of their size and bulkiness, but also in terms of their inability to run from batteries, since they must be mains connected for operation. Still, a product for IPod and MP3 player owners to seriously consider.