Loads of mobile phone stuff will doubtlessly be appearing with "Darth Vader" written all over it, courtesy of a deal struck between THQ Wireless and Lucasfilm. Basically, the deal will permit THQ to produce all manner of mobile games, ring tones, video clips, screen savers and wallpaper based on characters, images and tracks from the Star Wars films.

"Our primary focus is to create a quality 'Star Wars' experience for a fan base that is unlike any other." - THQ Wireless President Tim Walsh said in a statement.

Don't be surprised if all of this Star Wars craziness erupts at around about the same time as Episode III appears next year. But its not just that; a recent study conducted by In-Stat/MDR projected that mobile games will corner about 4 percent of wireless-data revenue, amounting to nearly $1.8 billion, by 2009. Expect to see Star Wars stuff trying to have a big presence in this.