Iwill has begun mass production of small dual Opteron systems. The project has presented many challenges to Iwill, in particular the problem of fitting a pair of 64-bit CPUs into a tiny SFF case. The ZMAXdp will be the world's first dual-CPU small form factor workstation, and will rely on two temperature-controlled rear-mounted fans to pull air across the motherboard, through the twin heat-pipe connected CPU radiators and vent it through the 300 watt power supply.

"Our source said the ZMAXdp barebones (motherboard, CPU cooling system and case only) would be priced "well over $500", and, in fact, reports from system integrator, Armari, which has a close relationship with Iwill, suggest the price could exceed $700."

The company plans future dual-CPU projects which will include systems which also have dual-PCI Express SLI-compatibility.