The latest roadmaps from Intel have been circulating in the IT world here and there, and The Inquirer have been kind enough to pass on the juicy details. We thought we'd waste no time passing them on to you as well.

-In dual core desktop arena, the X20, the X30 and the X40 will be launched in Q3 of 2005. Therefore, it could be the end of the year before we see PCs based on these. These chips will have two P4 dies in one package, each with 1MB of L2 cache, and supporting Intel's EM64T 64-32 extensions.

-Intel's 3.73MHz Pentium 4 is being pushed back to a February launch. It will have 2MB of L2 rather than L3 cache, and will coincide with the introduction of the 6XX Pentium 4 series. The chips will be refered to as 630 (3GHz), 640 (3.20GHz), 650 (3.40GHz) and 660 (3.60GHz) but the 670 (3.80GHz), pricing being $600 for the 660, the 650 $400, the the 640 $273 and the 630 $224. Expect to see these Q2 next year.

-Intel will lower prices on its Celeron 533MHz chips on the 20th of February, with the 3.06GHz/533/256K costing $117, the 2.93GHz/533/256K costing $102, the 2.8GHz/533/256K costing $89, the 2.66GHz $79 and the 2.53GHz $73.