Nvidia today announced PureVideo, the technology which is designed to accelerate MPEG 2 and high-definition content on computer systems equipped with an Nvidia graphics card carrying a GeForce 6-series processor. Hyped for some time, PureVideo has now been released, and Nvidia now promise to take video quality on the PC to the next level.

PureVideo is based on a programmable video processing engine integrated in GeForce 6-series graphics processors. According to Nvidia, the feature "eliminates the need for separate hardware or chipsets and takes the load off the PC's multi-purpose CPU to deliver to consumers, high-quality video playback at resolutions up to 720p and 1080i".

Able to accelerate Microsoft's WMV and HD WMV as well as regular MPEG 2, PureVideo allows real-time video recording, spatial and temporal adaptive de-interlacing from satellite, cable and DVD feeds, as well as much, much more!