Creative and Terratec have so far failed to bring PCI based Dolby Digital live to the market, which seems a shame because one would assume a great demand for such a product. That's where the HDA Digital X Mystique 7.1 gold by Korean company HiTeC Digital Audio comes in. This is supposedly the first PCI based 7.1 Channel Dolby Digital live sound card, supporting real time content encoding.

The card is based on C-media CMI8768+ chipset and the company will show it at the forthcoming CES show. The C-media CMI 8768 chip supports the PCI interface, has eight channel audio with a Dolby Digital Live Real-Time Contents Encoder. It's a full duplex eight channel card supporting 24 bit/96kHz DAC or two channels 16 bit/ 48 kHz ADC. It features SPDIF in and out supporting 44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz sample rate and 16/24bits resolution.

No word as of yet on general availability, but we can only assume that it will be soon.