The Windows media player bug uncovered earlier this month that concerns a feature of the DRM and tricking users into downloading bad things was initially dismissed by Microsoft as not being a security hole. "It's a feature", they cried, saying that DRM is supposed to do just what it is accused of doing, and that no action needs to be taken. Now, it looks like they are reversing their position.

eWeek today announced that Microsoft are reversing their position on the bug, and that the company would in fact be releasing an update to fix the problem. Although true that an update will be issued, Microsoft deny that they are reversing their position. Mike Coleman, Lead Product Manager of Windows Client team today said that the company had intended to look into the problem. He also stated that contrary to many reports, the problem was not a security flaw. "After that review, we determined that it made sense to offer an update to consumers that would allow them to have greater default control over license acquisition elements within the Player".

Apparently, a fix will be available for Windows within the next month.