The Transmeta Corporation have today confirmed that their advanced LongRun2™ technologies for power management and transistor leakage control are to be licensed to the Sony Corporation. These technologies address such issues as excessive chip heat and transistor leakage and may be used to improve semiconductor devices by reducing total chip power. Standby power and burn-in power should also be reduced, with chip performance increasing, and manufacturing costs getting smaller.

"Transmeta's LongRun2 technologies represent a major practical innovation that addresses the problems of exponentially rising leakage and power consumption facing the semiconductor industry. I expect that the implementation of these ground-breaking technologies will benefit the consumer significantly, by increasing performance, lowering costs, improving battery life, and ultimately, improving the overall consumer experience." - Bijan Moslehi, Ph.D., chief technology officer of The Noblemen Group and senior vice president of the Noblemen Semiconductor Technology Research & Strategy Division.