EDIT by Per 01/28, Lokitorrent is not up for sale. This was only rumour spreading!

LokiTorrent.com has been putting up a brave fight against the MPAA, but now the BitTorrent hub has put its domain up for sale, despite a promising looking campaign for users to donate funds towards their legal fight. They had managed to raise over $40,000 towards battling the MPAA.

Any good will that LokiTorrent gained from some BitTorrent backers by fighting the pigopolists may evaporate given the For Sale sign at sedo.com. The ad for the LokiTorrent.com reads, "Complete working peer-to-peer website. Includes: 680,000 registered *active* (within 6 months) members. Complete source code of www.lokitorrent.com and forums.lokitorrent.com Completely automated opt-in mailing list (daily mailings).

Looks like this is not so much of a shutdown as a transfer, with LokiTorrent's existing owners promising a "fully automated donation system with donor-only features. Completely optimized for heavy loads. Extremely loyal user base." It's not clear at present whether or not LokiTorrent will transfer the cash of the donations to the new owner of the domain.