Apple knows fine and well that customers want a G5 PowerBook, but bringing it to them may be no small task. Given the relatively power-hungry nature of the IBM PowerPC 970FX processor a G5 PowerBook would require compromises in size, weight, as well as in the amount of noise generated by such a device. Apple, style conscious to the last, does not like the sound of that.

"It'd be this really thick, heavy notebook, and it would be loud as all get-out. Those would not be design choices that Apple would want to pursue." - Kevin Krewell, editor in chief of Microprocessor Report.

"It is fair to say that incorporating a G5 into a notebook as thin and light as the PowerBook is extremely difficult." - David Moody, VP of worldwide Mac product marketing at Apple.

So, I guess its time for those design boffins at Apple to get back to work and bring us the G5 PowerBook in a manner that customers will not reject. Tough work, but we are sure that Apple is up to the challenge.