Apparently there is a new variant of the Bropia worm on the loose out there, and it's more dangerous than previous versions. It starts with a file, seemingly sent from a "buddy," which is of course virus infected. Immediately after infection, remote access hijacks the infected PC. Strange effects will be noticed, such as changes in sound volume, and right click mouse activity.

Once Bropia infects a system, it resides in the memory and continues spreading through MSN Messenger. Bropia is a member of the Rbot family of worms affecting the Windows platform, which installs a back door on the system and gives an attacker a way of accessing and controlling the infected system remotely. That would allow unauthorized remote access to the infected computer via specific IRC channels while running in the background as a service process.

But there is more: the new Bropia is loaded with a Bot virus component that opens the 1294 port. It is believes that attack orders can be received on this port.