Samsung's market share grew from 19.4 percent to 25.1 percent in the 2003 to 2004 period. For the first time in two years, there is a manufacturer who controls more than one fourth of the worldwide Flash market.

A majority of the remaining top-10 players of the Flash memory market were able to post solid growth, however most lost market share to Samsung. AMD's Spansion unit, second largest Flash company, dropped by 0.6 percentage points. Toshiba kept its third place but gave up 0.9 points, Intel remained somewhat stable by losing 0.1 point.

Samsung dominates in the NAND Flash area, which is technology used in removable memory cards and digital still cameras, and other such devices. AMD, however, retains a lead in the NOR Flash market, which is used for code-storage applications like PC BIOSes and mobile phones.