Microsoft warns of future security danger - Kernel Rootkits could be the next bad thing.

ATI Cancels "Built by ATI" RADEON X850 Orders in Favour of Partners. ATI Allocates RADEON X850 Graphics Cards for AIB Partners, Rejects Orders.

Future of Radio Is Downloadable - A new station in Berlin is attempting to redefine music broadcasting for the interconnected internet age. The key will be MP3s and cell phones, not the old-fashioned radio.

IBM is to invest a large amount of the folding stuff into developing its Linux business: $100mn over the next three years.

Smokers asked to cough up taxes for Web buys - Michigan sends bills to more than 500 residents for cigarettes purchased tax-free over the Web.

The New York Times Co is stumping up $410m cash for Primedia's It says the combination of's 22 million monthly users and its 13 million users will make it the world's 12th biggest company on the internet.

In addition to its new printers, HP on Friday also tipped its hand ahead of PMA 2005 by announcing five new cameras that will be unveiled at the show, including a BMW William F1 Team Special Edition model that sounds like a racing car engine when turned on.

The Cannes Film Festival is going to the dark side. After months of negotiations between George Lucas and festival officials, Star Wars: Episode III - The Revenge Of The Sith will open the festival in the South of France in May.