ATI have announced a number of new AGP cards, proof (if any were needed) that ATI will not abandon AGP for some time to come. Freshly announced were the Radeon X850 AGP, Radeon X800XL AGP and X800 vanilla AGP and X700PRO AGP.

X850 series of cards are native AGP cards based on R481 ATI native core derived from R480 native PCIe stuff. Companies are planning three different versions of the AGP X8950 cards. You can expect to see X850 XT Platinum edition rocking at 540MHz core and 590MHz memory, X850 XT and X850PRO. All clocks remain the same as with PCIe variations of the cards. Radeon 850 AGP series are expected sometimes in first quarter already. We expect to see them at CeBIT.

ATI also has launched its X800XL AGP card clocked at 400MHz core and with 490MHz memory. The card is equipped with 16 pipelines, and is aimed at competing with 6800 GT AGP cards from Nvidia. A second card, X800 Vanilla AGP clocked at 392MHz core and 350MHz memory, is also on its way.

Finally, there is also the X700 bridged with Realto, clocked at 425 MHz core and 430 MHz memory. By the end of this month you should be able to pick one of these up, complete with dual DVI.