We recently reported on ATI not abandoning the AGP slot just yet, new cards were recently announced featuring both PCI Express and AGP versions. Although the former is expected to take over the entire add-in graphics card market adoption of the the spec has been slower than expected.

X-Bit Labs has posted a report with pricing information for new boards noting that Radeon X800 and X800 XL AGP boards are $50 more expensive than its PCIe counterparts. The reason is that these boards based on the R430 graphics chip natively support the PCI Express x16 bus only and so, ATI’s Rialto bridge chip is needed to translate signals to the motherboard.

The recommended pricing for AGP 8x flavours of graphics cards based on the RADEON X800, X800 XL and X850 XT visual processing units (VPUs) is $249, $349 and $499 respectively. While pricing of the RADEON X800 and X800 XL products is $50 higher compared to pricing of PCI Express x16 versions of similar graphics cards, an ATI spokesperson noted that the RADEON X800 XL for AGP 8x features video-in/video-out (VIVO) capability not available on PCI Express version.