Microsoft Says No New Security Patches This Month... and the load of hackers trying to break vulnerabilities during March is about to increase ten-fold.

Short-circuit for newspaper tech coverage? Big newspapers not too happy about alternative media growth means less coverage for tech?

Windows for supercomputers likely out by fall - Microsoft is aiming to have its first cluster version of Windows ready in time for a supercomputing conference this fall.

The BTX form factor got special attention at the Spring 2005 Intel Developer Forum, with several technical sessions devoted to its applications.

US slaps fine on company blocking VoIP.

TR's CPU decoder ring has been updated. Great resource for CPU feature comparison.

More states target violent games - Lawmakers across the country continue to propose legislation that would safeguard kids from the supposedly harmful effects of games that depict violence or are rated M for Mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

The one time we’re glad a Nokia phone didn’t work right.