Behold the ECS PF88 - the first mainboard to support both Intel P4 and AMD Athlon 64 processors! The board comes with a SiS965 Southbridge and SiS656 Northbridge for full Intel P4 1066 FSB support on the Intel LGA775 platform, but that is not its really clever bit. Its really clever bit is the inclusion of a converter card which you can use to slot in your AMD 939 Athlon 64 chip and have that running on the board instead of the P4! True genius!

The converter features a SiS756 chipset to utilise the AMD K8 architecture, and is so new, it has no name, not even a codename at the time of writing.

The mainboard has 4 slots for DDR2 667, a 1066FSB, SATA2, GigaLAN and 1394a Firewire. When in place, the SiS965 Southbridge is shared with the converter card which is based around AMD socket 939. The card has its own dedicated SiS756 Northbridge, 2 slots of DDR400, power management circuits and a FSB2000T. These are all needed to run the AMD K8 technology.