A new phishing attack that targets Yahoo messenger is out there. Users receive a message from someone on their buddy list, asking them to click on a Yahoo URL. Once the user enters their credentials on the Web site, the attacker has access to all information stored on their Yahoo profile. A warning over the attack has been issued by Akonix Systems, Inc., a provider of business solutions for secure instant messaging (IM).

"With this year's explosive growth in IM worms and attacks, organizations can no longer afford to leave their IM users unprotected and unmanaged. Phishing scams target sensitive data access utilizing unsuspecting employees, and worms can quickly compromise entire networks. Akonix provides the tools that allow organizations to continue to realize the productivity benefits and cost savings of IM while insulating their employees and networks from the growing threat of IM-based attacks." - Francis Costello, chief marketing officer of Akonix Systems.