ULi Electronics Inc., a company that develops solutions for consumer electronics and professional computing products, has unveiled the world's first TGi Chipset, with support for simultaneous PCI Express x16, AGP 8X, PCI graphics interfaces. The new M1695 north bridge is designed to support an extensive range of applications, and is suitable for use in high performance workstations and high reliability servers.

M1695's innovative HyperTransport tunnel architecture integrates non-blocking symmetrical HyperTransport™ 2.0 links which enables motherboard manufacturers and system integrators to pair up M1695 with other high performance HyperTransport-based chipsets and bridge devices either natively or via the HTX™ connector. When coupled with ULi's M1567 south bridge, the combination offers motherboard manufacturers the unprecedented capability to support PCI Express x16, AGP 8X, PCI graphics cards simultaneously on the same mainboard. Such capability makes it possible to create a fully surrounding virtual reality environment using multiple high resolution displays driven by the three graphics tecnologies residing in the same computer system.