If you wind up visiting the North Pole soon, be sure to take along your Wi-Fi compatible laptop - not even the freezing Arctic Region will be able to stop you from keeping up to date with computing and IT news at www.techspot.com ! Hmm, well OK maybe you might have to be an Intel employee to use the world's most northerly Wi-Fi hotspot, which staff from the company have erected 130 kilometres from the North Pole.

The hotspot was built in the Arctic Region at the Barneo ice camp, a tent complex used by scientists, researchers and rescue crews during the month of April, when ice conditions are safe.

Despite the challenges, the employees installed a 802.11b/g access point at the camp's headquarters and then established a wireless LAN (WLA ) using four laptops with Intel's Centrino mobile technology, the company said. Another computer was placed outdoors and connected to a satellite phone to provide the network with Internet. The hotspot could be accessed by anyone at the camp who had a mobile or pocket PC, Intel said.