More companies are now joining the debate to end the new generation DVD format war. Sony recently declared that it did not want a war at all, and that it was seeking to begin talks with rival format maker Toshiba. Against all odds, it then appeared that Toshiba was listening. Now it appears that other industry voices have joined the debate. And they don't want war. They want peace.

Sony and Toshiba said on Thursday they would work toward a common format in order to avoid a drawn-out fight that would confuse consumers and hinder the industry's development, just like the spat between the VHS and Betamax video tape formats two decades ago.

In an interview with Reuters earlier this month in France, Yukinori Kawauchi, the general manager in charge of the new format for Sony, had said his company was "open to discussions" on creating a single technology standard.

"Discussions are taking place, but it's very complex, both in terms of technology but also because so many companies have a stake in this," one source told Reuters.