Google's Web Accelerator is a freeware program that runs together with the browser and directs all the searches and web-site requests through Google's searches. Using a cache type buffer on the local machine and on Google's servers, the accelerator uses mathematical formulas to establish as accurately as possible what type of content the internet surfer will search. Pages load much faster from Google's cache than from their original location on the Internet.

Google estimates the users who spend 20 to 30 hours a week online could save 2 or even 3 hours by reducing the waiting times between sites.

However, so worried are many parties about Google's new web accelerator, that many have been disabling it, with several websites even offering instructions on how to do so. The concerns stem from issues whereby the service has been serving the wrong pages to people. Ooops! Some users have even reported being logged in under the wrong username; others have expressed concerns about company web activity being posted on the web.