Infineon is working on DDR2-400 memory modules with a capacity of 8 GByte! Paving the way for future specifications of 16, 32 and 64GB of RAM, Infineon said that the new modules are based on the company's dual-die technology that was first shown in February. Dual-die technology allows doubling the maximum memory density while increasing component height by only 0.1 mm.

Of course, 8 GByte memory devices are far from being mainstream or affordable for the average user at this time. The simple fact that the modules are only available in sample numbers keeps prices at a level that is out of reach for most users. At this time, the devices only make sense in high-end server upgrades. Infineon did not provide any pricing information, but we assume the DDR2-400 8 GByte versions will be priced substantially above the 4 GByte dual-die memories that were launched in February for $3900 per unit.