Novell has announced that it has acquired Immunix, makers of software known as AppAmror, which is a host-based security application designed for Linux. Novell plans to use the technology to beef up the security of its Linux product, SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 9. The new software will be used to protect both the Linux operating system and applications from external or internal attacks, viruses, and malicious applications, and will (according to Novell) provide proactive security features that will reduce the need for urgent, reactive patching by stopping attacks before they can impact the system.

"Businesses understand attacks on their mission-critical applications can hit their bottom line unexpectedly and with grave results," said Novell chairman and CEO Jack Messman. "Only Novell AppArmor provides an enterprise-class security system for Linux that is easy to implement, deploy and maintain. Novell customers will sleep better at night knowing their applications are protected."