Being somewhat of a born again laptop person, I am always pleased to hear about advances in technology of that area. That's why I welcomed news that Fujitsu will begin shipping its 100 GByte 2.5-inch hard drive with SATA interface, sometime this month. If you really use a laptop, you will appreciate the 100 GB of space, especially if you have been limited in the past to 40 or 60GB. The SATA interface is also a welcome boost, allowing for laptops which have that interface to take 100GB drives.

The model series MHV2xxBH product line has been available with sizes of 40, 60 and 80 GByte and now offers 100 GByte capacity as MHV2100BH.

The new 5400 rpm drive integrates a hardware accelerator to improve native command queuing (NCQ) performance as well as a lower consumption than comparable drives, Fujitsu claims. The drive uses 5 watts during spin up, 1.9 watts during read and write processes, 0.6 watts when idle and 0.13 watts on standby. Acoustic noise is about 2.6 bels when idle.