PCMag.com has posted a full review of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. That's the game of course, not the movie, which you will have to wait until May 19th for. The game contains what are promised to be thrilling light sabre battles, as well as footage from the actual movie. There is some indication, however, that the relentless killing gets a bit boring after a while, a criticism no doubt about to be made about the movie as well.

Most of this third-person, action-adventure game involves crushing hordes of enemies by striking them down left and right with your light-saber. Initially, this is very easy to do; it gradually gets harder, but not before some monotony sets in.

However, such criticisms seem outweighed by the apparent strong pace and good atmosphere which the game generates.

The game is extremely well paced. The integration of game play with over 12 minutes of movie footage and countless minutes of animation creates a thrilling experience. The Star Wars music adds to the feeling that you've been absorbed into the movie; it also makes for great menu music. And sound effects, recorded with Skywalker Sound, are as realistic as they can be.