Microsoft has released a new version of its MSN Search Toolbar, which has increased functionality. The new toolbar now supports an expanded set of supported file types, and can index over 200 types of files. These now range from Office 2003 documents to Outlook contacts, calendar files and emails including attachments, with additional plug-ins available for other file types such as PDF and ZIP. Additionally, the new toolbar supports GIF, JPEG, Adobe files and MP3.

Results are now accompanied by a preview pane that not only displays a summary of a selected result, but can also be used to launch the targeted file's native application. Users can also drag-and-drop preview pane items into other applications.

Desktop search aside, the toolbar also features a few browsing bonuses including a pop-up blocker and form filler. A new color-coded scheme highlights search terms, a familiar feature found in search engines that serve up cached content.

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