The hackers (well, actually I like to call them crackers) who broke into Paris Hilton's handheld may have been uncovered. It appears to have been the work of one or more teenagers, who took advantage of a flaw on T-Mobile's Web site to let them get into the accounts of Sidekick owners. In addition to leaking the personal messages of Miss Hilton, and publishing her saucy photos on the net, the crackers also seem to have made a spate of prank calls to "Matrix" star Laurence Fishburne. One can only imagine that this probably took the form of them leaving voice mail saying things like "The Matrix has you Laurence!" and so forth, but I am merely guessing here.

The real key to the data heist was getting the goods on T-Mobile's customer account Web site, which one of the group winkled out of a T-Mobile sales rep by posing as a company supervisor, the teen said.

Some of the juvenile pranksters are also thought to have been involved in the theft of data from LexisNexis--a crime that seems to be being taken very seriously by federal investigators. According to another report in the Post, the teenager who gave the account of the Hilton attack has been served with a search warrant by law enforcement officials.